CyberSex - Kevin Hussein

Premiered exclusively via The FADER

Cybersex, is a digital search for analog love, knowledge of self and success via corrupted wav. files?

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Track by track breakdown:
King's Lullaby - Teaching myself to love myself so I can love others better.

Apt 3A -- Running into the one I had my eye on.

Body -- Our body's becoming one which leads to my heart.

95 -- Your love has me so open I'm racing to see you.

Change's Chant -- The lust had died and now the real me has surfaced can you handle it? I am son of Chango Yoruba Orisha of fire.

Kilo -- Losing you has brought me to a very dark place like 1000 grams of negative.

Reply -- Realizing I want you back can you please pick you phone.. for real tho its me on the line.

Kevin's Heaven -- Why can't we enjoy this short time on Earth together.

Rich Romance -- Let's build even more into an empire using money as reference to equate there is power in love and value.

Apt 3A (Remix) -- I'm finally home and its party with you.

All recored at Submarine Studios, Brooklyn NYC
All songs are written by: Kevin Hussein
except Sash Blu verse in " 95"

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